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The Old Fashioned is a classic American cocktail that draws its origins from the prohibition era of the 1920s. Bootleg whiskey was in abundance and there were plenty of places to find it thanks to organized crime, which is why it makes sense that cocktails like the Old Fashioned would take root in the Midwest with our strong German roots. Since that Era, the Old Fashioned has a been a staple drink found in any Wisconsin bar.

Founded by Wesley Strey and Scott Schoenmann, Strey Dog brings this drink back to its roots with a bold blend of citrus and spices in our hand-crafted bitters with a hint of cherry for that little bit extra. Whether you like a classic Wisconsin supper club drink or a traditional booze – forward cocktail that brings out the flavor of your favorite whiskey or brandy, Strey Dog Old Fashioned Mix can give you the drink you like, the way that you like it!

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